10 Books that changed my life

Throughout life we come across hurdles that either stop us in our tracks or make us a better person. You can either learn these lessons by personally making mistakes and choices by yourself or you could learn from people that have already done it for themselves. To do this you could talk to people who have walked the path you want to head down or you could read about their journey in a book. Most highly successful people have documented their life and published books for the public to read. I personally have come across multiple books in my life that have shaped the way I act and the decisions I make for the future. Below I have listed the main books that have left the biggest impact in my life, I tell you this in hopes that it will also benefit you. Everyone can read a book, but how many actually take action? 

  1. SELL OR BE SOLD – Grant Cardone 

Whether you\’re a salesperson, sales manager, or entrepreneur sell or be sold is your guide to effectively selling yourself, your products and your ideas to anyone! 

This was the first book I read from Grant Cardone and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I had just finished up at a job in warehousing, I quit on the spot something told me that enough was enough, I needed more. I quit the warehousing job and was without work for a few weeks living off my savings. During this time I reinvented myself, no longer would I be a labourer working physically hard for money, I wanted to dress nice, feel good and talk to people. One day I was watching tv and Million Dollar Listing New York came on, after watching one episode I was hooked, I purchased the whole season and watched back to back episodes. Now with my career path in mind I needed to learn to sell, after a quick google of sales and up pops Grant Cardone. His raw energy, zero filter is exactly what I needed. I followed him on all his socials, watched him on YouTube and bought his books. Sell or be sold is simple, you either sell and win or be sold you aren’t good enough and lose. 

  1. IF YOU\’RE NOT FIRST YOU\’RE LAST – Grant Cardone 

This is a wakeup call. While the rest of the world is complaining about problems, Grant Cardone is working on solutions. If you don’t want to have regrets in your life about never reaching your dreams, read this book and light your life on fire.

  1. FEED A STARVING CROWD – Robert Coorey 

Do you lose sleep over wasting money on ads and promotions that fall flat? Do you wish you could crush it on social media, email and your website? Want to know how to find and feed more customers than you can handle? 


Succeeding today is harder than ever amid all the noise and complexity of the world. That’s why you need to have the right habits as the foundation for getting ahead. In this incredibly inspiring and personal book. Dean Graziosi gives us the key to greater happiness, wealth and freedom. A must-read. 

  1. THE GAME – Neil Strauss 

Penetrating the secret society of pickup artists 

Now some people may look at this book in a negative light, but after you read this book and apply the skills Neil teaches you I don’t see how your confidence won\’t be sky high. Not only will your confidence be high to pick up anyone you want but you will also feel powerful in your career also. I personally feel that having this knowledge made me a better person and a better partner when I found the right person.

  1. THE WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN – David Deida  

I keep giving this book away; I think I\’ve owned thirty different copies already. I tend to pass it out to anybody, man or women, who has made a commitment to – or even has a passing interest in the art of loving. David Deida gets it – like no one I\’ve ever read, and he writes about it forcefully, honestly and downright poetically. 

Like the summary of the book stats, this book by David Deida is a perfect read for men and women. This book opens your eyes to what a relationship is truly built on. After reading this my understanding to the energy between a man and women was clear and all made sense, why certain things effect men one way and a women the complete opposite. 

  1. THE 10X RULE – Grant Cardone 

Love this book. The 10x Rule is dead on right. IT boldly takes on the biggest issue most people skip and then wonder why they didn’t reach their goals. WORK! 

Set a goal that you think is unreachable, a goal that you think would be a dream to hit. Now 10x it, that is now your goal. 


Cam McLellan, successful property investor, businessman and father, shares the knowledge that allowed him the option to retire in his 30s; build a substantial residential and commercial property portfolio and a group of companies listed in seven BRW fast growing lists. Cam wrote this investment manual for his kids to use when they\’re old enough. 

Even though I was on my second year of real estate this book shined light on the property industry y and helped me  


Stop losing, start closing. Over 100 ways to close the deal. Learn to close, and you will never be without work, and will never be without money. 

Tired of hearing the words: No, no thanks, I don’t have time, maybe later, call me next week, ill call you back. If you answered yes, the closers survival guide is for you. 


What does financial freedom mean to you? Not having to work? Being able to afford life luxuries without worrying about the cost? Financial security? Perhaps supporting the needy or disadvantaged? Well if you believe and follow the conventional approach to investing then forget it! 

A simple guide to create a better future for yourself and ensure your make better financial decisions starting today.