We Have Arrived!

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Hello all, for those of you that don\’t know who we are, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

For many years we have travelled to far away countries and have always been on the search to learn more about the world and to get insights into how other cultures act, behave, think and live.

On these trips we couldn\’t help but have a thought lingering in our minds… What business ideas can we bring back from this trip to better our lives, the lives of others and live the life that feels right for us? As soon as possible after arriving anywhere new, I would try working out how to monetize items or set up businesses.

After doing some research, we noticed that there were a lot of like-minded people on the internet. With this in mind, we set out to start our little project – Create Explore (a place online for us all), where everyone can come together and share their experiences while traveling/exploring different parts of the world.

Create Explore is a site for web design and development. We also have detailed guides on topics such as travel, health, business and fitness so that you can live your best life possible!

A place that like-minded people can come to collaborate, innovate, create, and explore what the world has to offer.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.